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Post by Marshall123x on Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:16 pm

Here at RebelCrank we try to make Rust more enjoyable. Rust is a post-apocalyptic survival game with heavy PvP elements. However we also believe that players, all players, should be given a chance to build, gather, and prepare for the harsh and unforgiving game-play that only Rust can provide.  

We provide players with a basic builder's kit after every server wipe. Inside you will find everything you need to build a base, and even add some basic fortification to help keep out would be raiders and thieves. Each player's builder's kit can only be redeemed once during each server wipe, please choose the location of your base CAREFULLY!

Our server also features a basic weapon's kit that can be redeemed once every server wipe. This kit will allow each player the equipment necessary to hunt animals, gather resources, and even defend themselves against possible attackers. This kit, like the builder's kit, can only be redeemed once per server wipe. Please use caution when leaving your base!

Another feature we also offer is our designated KOS time periods and KOS areas. KOS ( Killing on sight ) is a BIG part of Rust and it can make it difficult for new players or fresh spawns to gather resources or hunt. We've tried to prevent this problem by forbidding KOS during daylight hours and only allowing KOS during nighttime hours. KOS is also allowed in and around loot spawning areas, please check the rules thread for more details on KOS.

On top of standard features found in Rust, we also have a growing list of mods and plugins to better help enhance your game-play experience. Such as a kill message system, ever present compass on your HUD, and also increased gather rates.

We also have a staff of friendly, active, and fun loving admins that will always do their best to provide players with the best possible experience they can on RebelCrank.


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