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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Post by Marshall123x on Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:08 am

Q : Somebody KOS'd me during the day and outside a KOS area! What should i do?

A : If someone KOS'd you, make sure to grab a screen shot of the death message and if at all possible, the surrounding area so that it is clear you're not in a appropriate position to be KOS'd. Warning, do not falsify evidence.

Q : Someone killed me and took my builder's kit a long with all my stuff! What should i do?

A : If you're outside your base at night, or do not have a base at night, or are attempting to build a base at night, it is entirely your responsibly to keep track of and protect yourself and your possessions. Raiding and KOS is allowed during night hours so it is completely within the rules for someone to kill you during those times and take your things. If you're killed during the day, contact an admin and they will attempt to fix your problem. It is advised to wait until day light hours to redeem your builder's kit.

Q : There is a naked man sleeping in my yard! What do i do?

A : You are allowed to kill sleepers and take their possessions as long as they are outdoors and not in or on top of a player built structure.

Q : I got disconnected and someone killed my sleeper during the day and took my things! What do i do?

A : We are not responsible if you get disconnected. if your sleeper is left in the open for whatever reason, it is fair game to be killed and your things to be looted.

Q : Someone is camping in a loot area! What do i do?

A : " Camping " a loot area is well within the rules. The person that is camping is within a KOS area and can also be killed by another player. If he or she wishes to sit there all day and wait for loot, let him and move to another loot area.

Q : I am stuck on something in the environment! What should i do?

A : Not much to do. Rust, like in real life, has some dangerous terrain. If you should slip and fall somewhere you can't get out of, there isn't much anyone can do for you.

Q : Someone is using abusive chat or is spamming! What do i do?

A : Screen shots are your best friend. Be sure to screen shot as much of the chat log as possible and show it to an admin.

Q : My neighbors are jerks! What should i do?

A : If you cannot develop a peaceful relationship with your neighbor, you have 3 choices. Move, try to avoid them, or run them out of your neighborhood. Rust is a survival game with heavy PvP elements. Sometimes, words can't solve your problems.


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