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Server Rules

Post by Marshall123x on Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:08 pm

The rules are fairly simple, please take the time to read and study these rules. These rules are subject to change at anytime.

1. No KOS ( Killing on Sight ) during the day. Kos is permitted only at night, inside loot spawning areas ( Rad towns, warehouses, air fields , ect ), and within 300 meters of loot spawning areas. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ROADWAYS.  Repeated kos can and will be met with disciplinary action.

2. You MAY NOT attack a player who is within a kos area unless you, yourself are within said area as well. There is to be no taking advantage of kos area ranges. Example : Seeing a player within a kos area and attacking them while staying outside the kos area to prevent yourself from being attacked.

3. Once engaged in a fight, a player is allowed to kill outside of a kos area, but is only allowed to kill the player(s) they were engaged with. Killing by standers outside of a kos area is NOT permitted.  

4. No player built structures are allowed within 500 meters of loot spawning areas. Such as rad towns, warehouses, air fields, ect. Any and all player built structures within 500 meters of a loot spawning area will be deleted by an admin the moment it is discovered. We are not required to inform you before hand. If your tool cabinet build range is within 500 meters, you will be permitted time to relocated your cabinet. Spawn points are allowed.

5. No base raiding is permitted during the day. Base raiding is only permitted at night.

6. Any raiding of any base MUST be completed before sunrise.

7. No repetitive raiding. Any structure you raid must be allowed at least 1 day and night cycle to repair and rearm. You cannot attack the same base, 2 nights in a row.  

8. No chat abuse. Racism, sexism, or abusive chat of any kind is not permitted, this includes spamming. Mutual, friendly banter is allowed.

9. Every player built structure MUST have at least 1 raidable entrance that has a direct path to the inner workings of the structure. In addition, every inhabited chamber, ( any chamber that contains any object that has been placed by a player such as a storage box, spawn point, auto turret, ect ) of said structure must be ALSO accessible via at least 1 direct path leading from the raidable entrance. This includes tool cabinets.


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